Adding AI enrichment to your data with Azure Cognitive search

Azure Cognitive search is a cloud search service that enables developers to build a rich search experience over heterogeneous content like text, images, multimedia content. On top of that, we can add AI enriched skill sets to our indexed data, to perform tasks such as sentiment analysis, text manipulation, image processing tasks like face recognition. We can also integrate custom skills like adding our trained Machine learning model for NLP tasks like language semantics, sentence completion etc. into our enrichment pipeline.

In this hands-on session, we will see how to Generate indexes with Azure Cognitive search with unstructured text data and Add AI enrichment with 2 skills:

  1. sentiment prediction and entity recognition
  2. Face recognition
Priyanka Shah

Priyanka Shah

  • Solution Architect
  • Company:Franklin Templeton
  • Industry Experience :15 + Years

Solution Architect and Innovation Lead for AI/ML , Data Analytics, and other full-stack development projects. 10+ years of experience across various technologies, programming languages, and platforms. Active Speaker and blogger for Artificial Intelligence, especially with Microsoft Tech stack at many conferences, events, panel discussions. Currently working with Emerging market equities for EM research, analyzing sentiments with NLP, building embedded word models with neural networks, and more. Environment enthusiast and a passionate painter, avid reader, and traveler