How to Find and Fix Container Image Vulnerabilities with Docker by Peter Mckee

In today’s day and age, security is of the utmost importance when developing software. Containers are becoming more and more prevalent in how we build and deliver our software applications. Ensuring your images have the least amount of security vulnerabilities is a prime concern for organizations. How do we know what vulnerabilities are introduced into our containers? How do we know the base images we are using are a low risk of security vulnerabilities? How do we find and then fix or remove vulnerabilities in our images?

In this talk, Peter McKee from Docker, will walk us through finding and fixing security vulnerabilities in our images using the Docker tools that you already know and love.

Peter Mckee

Peter Mckee

  • Developer Relations Manager
  • Company:Docker Inc
  • Industry Experience :20 + Years

Peter McKee is a Developer Advocate for Docker and maintainer of the open source project Ronin.js. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA but currently residing in Austin, TX, Peter built his career developing full-stack applications for over 25 years. He has held multiple roles but enjoys teaching and mentoring the most. When he’s not slapping away at the keyboard, you can find him practicing Spanish and hang out with his wife and seven children.