The changing face of mobile app security by Riddhi Shree

With the adoption of newer robust technologies for mobile app development, are we becoming secure by default, or, have we entered a paradigm shift that demands a change of perspective on traditional software security vulnerabilities?


The trending DevSec approach to software development requires that the software engineers and the application security engineers work together closely. This is required in order to build a “security by design” culture where common security issues are no more a concern for businesses.


Through this workshop, you will not only become familiar with the common security issues generally observed in mobile apps (Android apps, in specific), but you will also become familiar with the changing face of mobile app security. It would be a hands-on workshop with simple examples to help you understand the areas to focus on during secure mobile app development or during mobile app pentesting

Riddhi Shree

Riddhi Shree

Security Analyst | Mobile Security Testing
  • Industry Experience:11+ years

Riddhi Shree is a geek with 11 years of software industry experience in software testing, web and mobile security testing. She loves coding and scripting in various languages for fun and experimentation.